How to Light a Cigar

How to Light a Cigar

How to Light a Cigar

To properly enjoy a cigar, you must properly light the cigar.

The “toasting of the foot” correctly will certainly add to the flavor and enjoyment of the cigar. To properly toast the foot, use a butane lighter and toast around the outside edge of the foot(the end you light). Go around the edge until you see it red, and start to toast the inside of the foot until it also turns red. All of this is taking place without the cigar in your mouth. It will take longer than you expect, at least on a good cigar, and you will want to see the whole end red hot upon contact of the flame, before you start to smoke it. If you pull the flame away and blow lightly on the end, you will see the entire foot turn red, if you see areas that are still black, continue to toast it. When when whole end is red, take some puffs on the smoking end.
Quick light puffs will be best, and turn the cigar around to take a glimpse to ensure that you have it covered.


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