How to Cure Tobacco Beetles

How to Cure Tobacco Beetles

How to Cure Tobacco Beetles

Snap, Crackle & Pop is the sound that you will hear smoking cigars with beetles.

If you were able to discover the fact that you have beetles from the small holes they use to bore through your cigars, they make a snap when you smoke them, so that is your sure giveaway. If you discover that you have them, not to worry(too much), but you need to do something about it. You will need to review your entire cigar collection. For safe measure, you need to treat ALL of the cigars, regardless of whether they have visible signs of beetles or not. You can separate out the bad from the good and put them each in freezer containers (Tupperware). Put them in and give it a week. The eggs can’t survive past a week at freezing, and the adults about the same just above freezing.

You will kill everything off, and then can reintroduce humidity slowly to the cigars in the coming days. One final note, if you keep the cigars at room temperature or below, and use a Spanish cedar lined humidor, you will reduce your likelihood of getting them.

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