How to Blow Smoke Rings

How to Blow Smoke Rings

How to Blow Smoke Rings

This is the beginner guide to blowing smoke rings with a cigar, and impressing all of your friends!

The easiest way to start is with a cigar that has a good draw, and a larger ring gauge will provide a decent amount of smoke to perfect it. You can probably learn in the first half of the cigar, and work on the advanced method the second half. You also will want to learn indoors, because it doesn’t have wind as a factor. If you aren’t allowed to smoke cigars indoors at your house, take a trip to your favorite cigar bar. Light the cigar properly, as described in previous blogs, and draw in to your mouth as normal, of course without inhaling. If you make a fish kiss face(for lack of a better description) and lightly tap your cheek. You can tap quickly and see the small rings. Once you have that down, you can open your mouth slightly more to get some larger rings. If you inhale the same and then make a very weak, light cough, is the way to start doing it without tapping your cheek.

There are lots of great movies on the internet with better visuals of how to do the latter, I would suggest watching a quick clip of one of those to get going.

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