October, 2010

Proper Cigar Storage

Proper Cigar Storage

On the occasion of the first blog, we decided to try and save a few cigars from the perils of refrigerators and freezers and give our readers and customers a couple pointers on how we believe you should store your cigars.

Ideally, you would have a humidor that maintains 70/70, which is 70 degrees Fahrenheit and 70 percent relative humidity. Understand that keeping at, or even near, these conditions as a constant is a lot of work and in some cases nears impossible. Let us first dispell a couple ideas, such as storage in the fridge. In the short term this is OK, but over time will start to negatively affect your cigars. The fridge has a couple setbacks, one being the other items in the fridge, whereby your cigar can start to take on some of the flavors. One of the bigger setbacks is mold. If you leave them long term, you are putting them at some risk for getting mold. A setback that stems from both your fridge and freezer is the dehydration. A freezer will dehydrate and also makes you plan far ahead for smoking. The cigar will need time to get back to room temperature, and if you smoke it too early, may crack from the heat of the smoke against portions of the cigar still frozen. A freezer may be required if you get tobacco beetles, which you will read about treating in a future post, because this is a sure way to kill them.

If you have a small humidor, great, and if you can keep it relatively close, you will be in good shape. The setback with a small humidor is that you will need to make sure that you are keeping up with the humidity, not daily, but avoid the large swings in humidity, and try not to let them get too humid because of mold concerns. The small bags that they sell at many cigar shops are a great way to humidify, just
be sure not to let the humidity source touch any cigars. A note about humidifiers is to not have them airtight, again because of mold, it needs to breath a little bit. If you can’t afford a humidor or are waiting to get one as a present, a tupperware container with a humidity source and a corner of it open to breath will work. We will focus more on walk-in humidors(awesome!) and how to select a good humidor in future posts. In the meantime, try and keep things as constant as possible, without becoming burdened by it, and if you enjoy it when you light it, it is right for you!

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